Hometown Realty has been helping Central Virginians find the home of their dreams for decades, but did you know about the man behind the mission? Meet Mike Chenault, co-creator and broker of Hometown Realty.

            A man of his word, Mike Chenault is truly a hometown guy. Growing up in Mechanicsville and attending Lee Davis High School, he always knew he’d return to the place that shaped him- his hometown. In college, his friends would joke with him and his love for where he grew up, calling him the “hometown boy.”

            Mike grew up surrounded by real estate. His dad was a builder and his mom an agent, he attended Hampden Sydney College knowing he wanted to get into the field. To him, it just fit. Mike is a proactive man, and received his real estate license the summer before his senior year of college, ready to work. It only took four months after graduation and into the business as an agent to realize he wanted to start his own real estate business. Mike took his momma and bought a two-room office in Old Mechanicsville. This “Hometown Boy” knew exactly what to call the company- Hometown Realty. From there he and his mom worked and grew the company from scratch. The name Hometown was no coincidence, wherever you call your hometown, he knows what it means to invest and build a life in the place you love.

            How did Hometown Realty evolve from a fresh-out-of-college man and his momma to a million-dollar company? Hard work and the “golden rule.” They built Hometown Realty off the principle that you should always “treat others the way you want to be treated.” This goes for their team, to clients, to other realtors, and everyone in between. This means taking new team members under your wing and investing time into them. Taking the time to thoroughly train every new employee, and in doing so “shortening the learning curve” as Mike likes to call it. The secret to this flourishing business? Caring about people. This secret has kept many team members working for Hometown Realty for 25+ years.

            While Mike loves what he does, he is also big on family time. “When I’m not working, I’m with my wife and three daughters; Molly, Abby, and Morgan.” He is very proud of his “grandbabies”, as they and family are his number one favorite thing in life. His dog Willie, of course, a close second. A hardworking man, if you catch him off work you might see him fishing, cooking on the grill, or having a pool day.

            So here it is, the evolution of Hometown Realty created off of a dream by Mike and his momma. A family man, outdoorsman, and working man, someone who cares about people. One thing is for sure, he built his business on the foundation of relationships. By choosing Hometown Realty, you’re choosing a lifetime connection.